Year 4 Lifesavers

Year 4 has had an exciting week already so far, focussing on life saving skills. Some of the children were asked by their swimming teachers to wear pyjamas for this week’s lesson. This was in order for them to learn the practicalities of water safety if ever they found themselves in a dangerous situation.

Later in the day, the whole class participated in a first aid session, learning the basics of first aid and also how to use a defibrillator. The children had a really good knowledge of what to do in an emergency, who to call and good suggestions on how to get help. Some children really shone with the answers they gave, well done Year 4!

Article 24
You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information
to help you stay well.

It’s a Chocopocalypse!

Yesterday we met the author, Chris Callaghan, and heard all about his book – ‘The Great Chocoplot’ as part of the Northern Children’s Book Festival. Chris was very engaging and there were lots of opportunities for the children to ask him questions and take part in activities. We were lucky enough to hear him read…Continue Reading

Reconciliation Liturgy

On Friday, Year 4 reflected on their Reconciliation topic by holding a liturgy in the hall. They planned the liturgy in small groups and then, as a class, decided on which one they felt best represented their response to the topic. The liturgy was held on No Pens Day, so the response and the mission…Continue Reading

Children in Need 2019

This morning, as part of our Children in Need activities, Year 4 participated in a fitness session. It was led online by Joe Wicks, a celebrity fitness trainer. After some technical difficulties, we managed to get going and completed a HIIT session which included squats, star jumps, running (on the spot), marching slow burpees and…Continue Reading

Using materials

Today in Year 4, we have been creating different 3d effects using different materials. This is all in preparation for us to design and build our own chair later this term. The creativity and concentration in these photographs is fantastic! RR: Article 29 – Having the right to develop talents and abilities.Continue Reading

Mapping Skills

In Year 4’s Humanities lessons we have moved on from studying Europe to focus on one country in particular, France. The children have been working on improving their map reading skills, using coordinates and compasses to locate France and it’s major towns, cities, rivers and mountains. In the coming weeks we will be comparing the…Continue Reading

Book Creator

Year 4 had a brilliant session today using an app called Book Creator. The app was used to create their own ‘book’ based on a topic we covered last term, Europe. In the app, they learnt how to add and change text, insert images and add voice recordings and video. They were briefly introduced to…Continue Reading

Welcome to Year 4

It is lovely to be back in Year 4 again this year. The children have made me feel very welcome and I have loved getting to know them over the past two weeks. We’ve had a busy start to the year, already going swimming and our first trip is booked for a few weeks time.…Continue Reading

Amazing Anglo-Saxons

On our visit to Jarrow Hall, we became Anglo-Saxons for the day. We had a great time on the farm, where we saw the animals and found out about the different ways they were used to provide food, clothing, utensils, weapons and ornamentation. We were really surprised at how much of each animal was used.…Continue Reading