Our Afternoon at Fountain’s Court

Last Friday (15th November), Year 3 were invited to visit Fountain’s Court care home as part of our on-going involvement with the Big Local Community project. Now that the colder weather has set in, the project has moved to indoor activities such as crafts and planting bulbs.

On Friday, the children made some lovely bobble hat Christmas tree decorations and transferred little plants into decorative pots. They chatted with some of the residents who came to join in and all worked really hard.

































UN Article 29: Your education should help you to develop your personality, talents and mental and physical abilities. It should encourage you to develop respect in your own culture, for other cultures and for the environment. It should help prepare you to live
in and contribute to a free society.


On Tuesday Fit4Kids came to tell us all about healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet. We looked at the packaging on a lot of different foods and found out all about the traffic lights system. Children had to find examples of foods that were healthy and which ones were full of fat…Continue Reading

More allotment pictures!

The second group of children had their visit to the Big Local allotment last Friday. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the children learnt about lots of different vegetables such as radishes, squashes, pumpkins, carrots and leeks! They then watered all of the plants and collected seeds from the flowers that have been cut…Continue Reading

Year 3 visit an allotment

Welcome back to school after the Summer holidays. Year 3 have made a great start to life in the juniors and have been working really hard. On Friday, half of the children had the opportunity to visit and work in an allotment run by the Big Local organisation. They learnt all about safety and how…Continue Reading

Arbeia Roman fort

Last Friday, we had our end of year trip to Arbeia Roman fort in South Shields. There was so much to see and do! First we found out about archaeology and had a go at digging for artifacts in the Timequest area. Some of us even found a skull! Next we had a tour of…Continue Reading


Year 3 recently had a great morning with Richard “The History Bloke” learning all about the Romans as part of our history topic. We were able to handle lots of different artifacts, dressed up in togas, wrote with a stylus and ink and played the Roman game of rota. We even learnt some Latin commands and…Continue Reading

Our visit to a synagogue

Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic visit to Gosforth Synagogue in Newcastle today. Year 3, with the boys all wearing hats and caps, first learnt about the mezuzah- a small wooden box containing a prayer which is placed on the door frames of Jewish homes. Next the children experienced what happens during Shabbat, the…Continue Reading

Pedestrian Safety

In Year 3 the children have been learning all about road safety- a very important lesson! They had a classroom-based session first to identify safe places to cross on an interactive map. They also learnt about the different ways to cross roads safely such as zebra and pelican crossings. Following this they put on their…Continue Reading

Gymnastics in Year 3

Over the last half term, Year 3 have been receiving a weekly lesson from a visiting gymnastics coach. They have been learning how to balance, roll and hold positions such as the tuck, pike and straddle. The children have really enjoyed the lessons and are learning lots of new skills.  The lessons are due to…Continue Reading

Welcome back to school!

First of all, a big welcome back to school! Year 3 have settled in really well and have adapted to life in the Juniors without any problems. During this half term, Year 3 are working with a basketball coach each Monday afternoon. They have been learning how to pass and dribble the ball as well…Continue Reading