Reception Class visit to Gateshead Central Library!

When Gateshead Library wrote inviting us to visit, we ‘wrote’ back saying yes please!  Some of us had never been before.  We were lucky enough to get a tour of the library and found out all about how to borrow books.  We especially liked the machines that record borrowing!

The Librarian read us a story and we showed her our excellent listening.  She told us to come back with our families to join the library.

Back at school we have been learning that print has meaning and moves left to right.  We have been learning how to handle books correctly, talking about the illustrations and the text.  We enjoy telling others about our favourite books!

Reception Class visit to Saltwell Park!

As part of our learning about seasonal change, we went to Saltwell Park to look for signs of Autumn.  We collected a variety of leaves, conkers, berries, leaves, nuts and seeds, some of which we used to make our own special crowns! We asked the many kinds of wildfowl if they were ‘going on holiday’…Continue Reading

No Pens Day

On Friday we celebrated No Pens Day. In maths we consolidated our place value skills by carrying out a number of different activities. We explored number patterns with numicon, talked it and solved it in pairs, recapped Roman Numerals with art straws and refreshed our times table skills. In literacy we carried out our own…Continue Reading

A Family Liturgy

Year 1 have been learning about families in our RE lessons over the last four weeks. The children have enjoyed bringing in their family photographs to share with the class and they recognise that God loves and cares for every family. To celebrate the end of our class topic the children planned their own Liturgy…Continue Reading

‘Loving’ Liturgy

Last Friday, a small group of Year 6 children planned and led our class in a beautiful liturgy to celebrate of first learning topic in R.E. During our topic we have discussed how we have experienced love in our lives and how God shows his people unconditional love. Our mission is to take the love…Continue Reading

Be Bright Be Seen

Marcus from cycle generation visited us this morning and talked to us about staying safe as the dark nights are  drawing in. He gave us some handy hints on how to make ourselves bright when walking/cycling in the dark, without spending a fortune on high visibility clothing.  Continue Reading

The story of Rang-tan

This week in Year 4, we have been learning about the rainforest and, in particular, deforestation. We have watched documentaries and discussed what it is and why it is such a problem in our world. Throughout the week we have discussed big questions such as: Are animals as important as humans? Should people care more…Continue Reading

Exploring Saltwell Park

Last week, Year 4 visited Saltwell Park for a combined Science and Art experience. In Science we have been looking at Living Things and their Habitats so it was important that we viewed that first hand in our local area. We enjoyed looking at the nature in the park and discovering the different types of…Continue Reading

Nursery – September 2018

Welcome to all our new nursery children, parents and families! The nursery children are settling well and enjoying their time with us.  They really are a joy!  They are starting to get used to all the routines and show us the things they are interested in.  We thought that you might like to see some…Continue Reading