Number Day!

On Friday 7th February we took part in Number Day to raise money for the NSPCC. We came to school ‘Dressed Up for Digits’ – there were some amazing outfits including dice, clocks, dominoes etc. Throughout the day we had lots of fun in our classes taking part in a variety of math’s activities including, puzzles, investigations, baking cakes and much more! At the end of the day we came together at our usual ‘Star of the Week’ assembly to hear all about what each class had been getting up to. Our Stars of the week were all awarded to children who had done something really special in Maths. What a great day and a great cause!




This week we moved on from hatching and cross-hatching and looked at another technique called stippling, which uses small dots to shade. First we looked at some examples of stippling and explored how it can be used to create tone, shade and texture. We also saw examples of a similar technique called pointillism, which relies…Continue Reading

Number Day

On Friday we celebrated the NSPCC’s number day and made maths the theme of the day. We started the day by thinking about how much maths we actually use in our day to day life- not including maths lessons at school. We then thought about careers and learned almost every career we talked about required…Continue Reading

Library Visit

Year 5 visited Gateshead Library to explore their new archive area. We were able to look around the new area as well as use some of their archives to find out more about our local area, with the help of our guide Simon. We started the morning with an item trail. We were given a…Continue Reading

Lego Club

This half term in Lego Club we have been busy building a variety of things. We’ve tried to replicate some famous landmarks, created characters from films or books that we love and also had a free choice session where we could really let our imagination take us anywhere. We’ve all had lots of fun working…Continue Reading

Pizza Express

This week Year 4 visited Pizza Express, in the Metro Centre, to learn how to make a pizza. We have been looking at herbs and tomatoes in our DT topic – Edible Gardens and also instructions in Literacy so this was a great opportunity to combine the two topics in one practical activity. The children…Continue Reading

Sketching Skills

On Friday Mrs Geary, who came to teach us some sketching skills, visited Year 5. We started by exploring the different types of pencils and what effect they would have on a sketch. We learnt about H pencils and B pencils and that using different types and numbers would make our sketches darker or lighter.…Continue Reading

Engineering Club – Week 3

Things are slowly taking shape with our motorised vehicles. In the last two sessions we have added 8 triangular gussets to the frame to strengthen the top and bottom joins. We have also added triangular axle holders: for these we had to cut 4 right angled triangles. We have started to prepare the middle gearing…Continue Reading

Perfect Parachutes

Today in Science we investigated air resistance and how the surface area of a parachute can effect the time it takes for it to fall to the ground. We first made a prediction based on our ideas about air resistance. After we had predicted we set up our experiment. In groups we attached string and…Continue Reading

Cyber Bullying

As part of our PHSE sessions this half term we have been looking at and discussing cyber bullying. We thought about what cyber bullying is and reacted to different made up scenarios regarding issues relating to Cyber bullying. We have also introduced the term ‘banter’ and thought about how sometimes online between friends things can…Continue Reading