Reception Class visit to Whitehouse Farm!

On Wednesday 28th March we travelled by coach to Morpeth to visit Whitehouse Farm.  We have been learning all about the different types of animals – pets, wild and farm animals.

What a fantastic day we had!  We got to hold mice, rats guinea pigs, lizards and even a baby goat!

We really enjoyed feeding the ponies, donkeys, sheep and the greedy goats.  We were even lucky enough to feed the ‘very hungry’ baby lambs.  We were surprised to find some animals not usually found on farms but thrilled all the same to meet an emu, some wallabies and fallow deer.

We learned about where our everyday foods come from, and had great fun on the bumpy tractor ride, we were sad to have to get back on the coach to go home!


Our visit to a synagogue

Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic visit to Gosforth Synagogue in Newcastle today. Year 3, with the boys all wearing hats and caps, first learnt about the mezuzah- a small wooden box containing a prayer which is placed on the door frames of Jewish homes. Next the children experienced what happens during Shabbat, the…Continue Reading

Pedestrian Safety

In Year 3 the children have been learning all about road safety- a very important lesson! They had a classroom-based session first to identify safe places to cross on an interactive map. They also learnt about the different ways to cross roads safely such as zebra and pelican crossings. Following this they put on their…Continue Reading

Viking Art

On Thursday Year 5 welcomed artists Jenny and Sarah into class to teach us some water colour skills. Sarah and Jenny started by talking to us about the Viking invasion at Lindisfarne, setting the scene for our painting. We then took part in some warm up activities which helped us to draw detailed Viking long…Continue Reading

Bicycle Skills

Year 2 have been very lucky today, because Marcus, from Sustrans, visited us to help us develop our cycling skills.  The participating children were split into two groups and practiced their cycling skills.  Some children were extremely proud of themselves because in a 45 minute session they learned how to ride their bikes without stabilisers…Continue Reading

Show Racism the Red Card

Tina and Valerie from show year 5 racism the red card visited on Thursday. We started the morning looking at world views and what influences them. We realised there were lots of outside influences that sometimes help us make decisions. We then played a game called ‘Who am I’. In groups we had to decide…Continue Reading

Show Racism the Red Card!

Year 6 were visited by Valerie and Tina from the charity Show Racism the Red Card. Throughout the workshop we talked about the definition of racism and where it comes from. Also, the children thought about the idea of a World View and prejudicial attitudes. It was really interesting to consider the media and its affect on our thoughts:…Continue Reading

Cooking 4 Life

Food for Fitness On Monday Year 5 were visited by Nick the chef from Cooking 4 Life. We started the morning off thinking about what we mean by a healthy diet. We looked at how our bodies need fuel to keep us healthy and help our brains to function. We looked at what a calorie…Continue Reading

Designing, making and visiting a castle keep.

For our latest Design and Technology project Year 1 designed, made and evaluated model castles. This was linked to our work on Fairy Tales in literacy and homes from long ago in History. As well as hearing stories featuring castles, the children also had a fantastic day trip to the castle keep in Newcastle to…Continue Reading