Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

Sports Premium

The Government has provided schools with additional funding to improve sports provision. This funding can only be spent on sport.

In Corpus Christi Primary School we received the following amounts:

2018/19 – £17700

We use the funding to:

• Purchase expert coaches to deliver a variety of PE activities to pupils.
• Training for teaching staff to increase their expertise especially in gymnastics and dance.
• Training and supply cover for PE Co-ordinator.
* Employing a Sports Apprentice.
* Improve facilities for PE.
• Purchasing additional support and expenses from LA e.g. fencing, tennis coaching, rugby coaching, hoola hooping and skipping.
• Investment in a cluster wide partnership agreement with Gateshead Schools for provision of support; training and participation in a variety of competitive sporting events.
• Developing opportunities to promote healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle to our pupils.

We hope to achieve a more varied PE programme for our pupils.
• Good progression in PE skills.
• Increased participation in sport.
• Increased participation in competitions with other schools.
• Raise the profile of PE and encourage less active pupils to get involved.
• Improve links to other schools in the cluster.
• Enable pupils who are talented in PE to shine.
• More participation in after school sporting events.
• Promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Since having this funding the following has occurred:
• More pupils have taken part in after school PE sessions with the cluster.
• More pupils have taken part in competitions.
• New sports have been tried across the school e.g. skipping, cheerleading, hoola hooping.
• Staff have had training in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading.
• Overall more pupils are involved in after school physical activities.

In 17/18 the money (£8846) was spent as follows
* School Sports partnership fees £2312
* Coaches £2400
* Sports Apprentice £ 9253

Additional costs were met from the school budget.
We also paid for Y2 Y3 and Y4 to have swimming lessons. 65% of our Y6 pupils can swim 25m.